"I look up to people when I am in a wheelchair, they look up to me when I ride."

Gaddesden Place is a dedicated RDA centre giving children and adults with special needs and disabilities the opportunity to ride and have fun.

The unique relationship and movement of the horse will develop a riders ability helping them to :

  • Improve muscle tone & core strength
  • Aid balance & coordination
  • Learn a skill
  • Increase self confidence and awareness
  • Widen boundaries of experience and social contact

We emphasise safety and all our Instructors are qualified to the required National RDA standards.

News & Events

Charity Golf Day

5th October 2018

@ Stocks Golf Club in Aldbury

email: theridercup@outlook.com

for more information

Term Dates

Spring term

6th  Jan - 29th Mar 

Easter Holidays

30th Mar - 13th Apr

Lessons will resume Sat 14th April